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Tension Bolt Adapter

Small Diameter Pipe Pile Tensioning System

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Self-Seating Anchor Plate Termination

Universal Self-Aligning Tension Anchorage Termination

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Sub-Horizontal Displacement Drain System

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Lift and permanently stabilize sagging floors with StrongPost® which is designed to fit any crawl space and is capable of supporting loads in excess of 60,000 pounds. This labor-saving, material-saving lean construction heavy duty column is the best system available today.

  • No delays due to footing inspections or waiting for concrete to cure

  • Easily installed

  • Structurally Rated

  • Labor Saving


Interior structural support piers are no better than the foundation they rest upon. Spread the load with the new low-profile, high-strength polymer concrete PolyBase® glass fiber reinforced foundation to insure the best stability and support of sagging floors.

  • No delays due to footing inspections or waiting for concrete to cure

  • 43% lighter than conventional concrete blocks

  • No Excavation

  • Zero Mess

  • Built-In Quality Control

  • Structurally Rated

  • Less Labor Intensive

  • Multi-Functional


The HydroHelical is a segmental sub-horizontal displacement drain system for use behind retaining walls and slope stabilization new construction and retrofit applications. It provides a quick and effective means of solving hydrostatic pressure relief and stability for soil embankments and behind earth retention structures.

Product Details

Perforated pipe sections are coupled with a special designed open annulus coupling capable of receiving a well screen sized for a particular application while resisting the torque necessary for proper installation. Each section is perforated to allow the maximum water intake while maintaining the structural integrity of the system during installation and its performance.

The strength of the soil and/or minimum depth are determining factors for the drain system to reach its specified position within the soil matrix. Currently, the HydroHelical product is manufactured in 7 foot lengths to accommodate LTL shipping standards.

Potential Applications

  • Sea Walls

  • Earth Retention Structrures

  • Levee

  • Slope Stabilization

  • Soil Wicking

  • Soil Consolidation

  • Controlled Seepage

  • In Situ Soil Treatments

  • Deep Hydrostatic Pressure Relief

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Liquefaction Mitigation


  • Fast Installation

  • Installs in Limited Access Sites

  • Installs in Low Overhead Areas

  • No Excavation or Spoils

  • Pre-engineered System

  • Retractable

  • Installs with Readily Available Equipment

  • Cost Effective

  • Maintainable Drain

Construction Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • No Need for Cement or Group in Application

  • Installs with Conventional Equipment

  • Quick and Easy to Install

  • Pre-engineered System

  • Removable

  • All Weather Installation

Tension Bolt AdapterTM

The Tension Bolt Adapter provides a quick and easy means of mechanical termination of a structural plate to a pipe, pipe pile or helical anchor thus eliminating the need for drilling bolt holes or welding.

Product Details

The TBA (Tension Bolt Adapter) is an internal bore rotational rod tensioning device when in combination with a threaded bar is inserted within the end of a pipe section over a bolt connection, rotated, and locked into place with a specified termination. The tension load is transferred from the bolt locked with the grasp of the Tension Bolt Adapter through a threaded bar and to a specified termination element.

General Applications

The GEOBASICS Tension Bolt Adapter is used inside the bore of a pipe, pile or tube to provide a tensioning mechanism for applying a tension capacity to a termination device located at the end and outside of the cylindrical structure.

Pipe and Tube

  • Tension and Compression Applications

  • Connectors

Pipe Piles and Helical Piles

  • Plate Terminations for New Construction

  • Tension/Compression Applications

  • Elevated Walkway Connections

  • Solar Panel Fit Up


  • Easy installation mechanical connection

  • Field settable and adjustable

  • Durable component

  • Compatible with most helical pile foundation systems



The Tension Bolt Adapter is available in both a 1-Bolt and 2-Bolt version.

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